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Q&A regarding your holiday to Cuba                                                                        Back to index

Are the trips including a airplane ticket to Cuba?
No, at the facilities you can see what is included. The tickets can be obtained through your travel agent or internet.

If I can not get a flight for the booked period, do I still have to pay the trip?
Within the First week (7 days) after you have booked your trip to Cuba and you can’t get a flight, you can cancel without any additional charges.

Can I go even without a companion/partner?

Yes, most of our customers go without an companion. Every participant, no matter if you are alone or with a companion, of věaDanza will get a Cuban dance partner appointed to them.

How big are the groups usually?
The Group varies from 5 to 15 people (our limit per Group is 15 people).
It is also possible to book the holiday individually; we will make sure that you will join one of the other (international) groups, like the group from Germany.

When the trip is not booked full, is it cancelled?
No, you will go to Cuba to enjoy this great trip.
You will join another group of viaDanza

How old must you be to join the dance holidays?
From 18 till 99 years old. Older and younger travellers are welcome to join the Group.
Salsa is for everyone who enjoys it!!

Is it fun to join the course when you can not dance the salsa, or when you are really experienced?

Yes, everyone can join: beginners and experienced salsa dancers. Before the course starts there will be an evaluation of the participants. Every participant will then get a Cuban dance partner appointed and he or she will teach you at your own level. The goal is for everyone to learn or to improve their salsa dancing!

What does the dance school look like?
The dance school in Havana is a professional dance location. The teachers are all experienced, qualified (this is compulsory in Cuba) dancers.

How do I get to the dance classes?
věaDanza will provide transport if the classes are not close to the hotel.

What sort of clothes do I wear in Cuba?

During the dance classes we advise you to wear something comfortable, especially the shoes are very important. Outside the classes it depends what you are going to do.
Be aware that the nights can be chilly, so we do advise to take a sweater or cardigan with you.

Can I take my Credit Card with me?

Yes, the most accepted Credit Cards are: Visa and MasterCard.
We do advise you to take enough cash with you because the commission on Credit Cards can add up to 10%.

Is the American Dollar accepted in Cuba?
Cuba does not use the American dollar as a currency anymore. You can still exchange dollars into Cuban Dollars (CUC), but the commission is very high (appr. 10%).
We advise to take Euros with you and exchange them in Cuba against the Cuban dollar (CUC). Outside Cuba the CUC is not available.

Can I use my Cell Phone in Cuba?

We advise you to contact your phone company. They can inform you about their availability in Cuba.

What is the current in Cuba?
110V and in some hotels 220V.
The best thing to do is to take a American adapter with you.

Do I have to speak Spanish?
No, our travel guide speaks Spanish, English or Dutch

Do I need to carry my ID all the time?
We do advise you to Carry a copy of your passport with you.

Which travel documents do I need?
A passport, which needs to be valid at least a half year after you arrive back from Cuba.
A visa (tourist card), you can obtain one at the embassy or Consulate of Cuba or your local travel agent.